What are the best movie download sites?

Big media-streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Amazon Video have their share of great movies and TV shows, but there are also tons of other free services that are a great way to soak in some great entertainment. We’ve rounded up the best free movie download sites out there, some of which you can use to download and watch movies for free, and others that let you preview movies before you decide to pay for them. These are some of our favorite free movie download sites around. YouTube If you’re a cord-cutter or you’ve been trying to stay away from paying for your movie entertainment, YouTube is the go-to place to watch some of the best movies online.


Best Sites for TV Shows and Movies

Let’s face it: paying to watch TV on a TV can get a little pricey. Unless you’re a cord-cutter or have a friend who has HBO Go or another pay-TV service, your best bet is to get an antenna and stream all of the free broadcast channels. For a much better selection of movies and TV shows than what cable channels put on regular TV, check out the following list of best sites for watching online free TV and movies. Hulu Sign up for a free trial with Hulu, and you’ll have access to the shows on-demand for the next 30 days, plus their entire library of movies. You can watch all of their original series for free, and there’s even an option to stream older movies on the site, which can be a fun and surprising way to pass the time.


Why Should I Download Free Movies?

We’ve written extensively about why downloading is one of the best ways to watch movies, so we’ll spare you our gushing. But seriously, free movies make up a huge portion of the content library in both streaming and downloadable files. And although you may already have a Hulu or HBO Go account to watch what’s there, there are dozens of other channels worth checking out. Some of the best on the list above also allows you to buy movies and TV shows through their site—usually at a hefty discount. Like you were already having an awesome Thursday night with your favorite movies. (To make things even easier, we’ve also put together the ultimate movie download list for getting your fix.

Why Should I Watch Free Movies Online?

First and foremost, free streaming is one of the best ways to dip your toe into free entertainment without a long-term commitment. Do you hate paying for something you’re not going to watch? Streaming is almost always a safe bet, and you might find an unexpected gem as well. Second, there’s no pressure to sit through endless ads. There’s always a chance that you’ll run into some annoying teasers or trailers that aren’t real, but odds are good that the movie won’t interrupt you with commercial messaging. It’s not ideal, but it beats paying for a show that doesn’t take as long to watch. Why Should I Avoid Free Movies Online? The first reason you shouldn’t watch free movies online is that some of them are utter garbage.



We know that Netflix and its ilk are well-catered to our most basic needs and that there are plenty of horror movies, chick flicks, and cute animated kids’ shows we can watch for free. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other options out there that cater to our more sophisticated tastes. So do us all a favor, and get a little more creative with your Netflix watching in the future. You’ll be glad you did. What are your favorite free movies to watch on Netflix? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.